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Thanks for visiting my website. Please step inside and have a look around. You’ll find information about my law enforcement career, my personal life, and, obviously, my writing. If you’re a reader looking for crime fiction, you’ll find links to my short titles and my novels. If you’re a law enforcement officer, you’ll find links to a number of articles I’ve written on a variety of L.E. topics, such as interviewing, self-defense, no-knock search warrants, etc. If you’re a writer looking for police procedural information to assist you in creating realistic crime fiction, you can check out the L.E. articles and also check out my blog for writers called Righting Crime Fiction.
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Available NOW! Click here to order E-BOOK through AQP  Click here to order PRINT BOOK through Amazon Attention Libraries and Bookstores: Click here to order direct from printer JAMES 516 by BJ Bourg Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC Release Date: December 7, 2014 Genre: Detective/Mystery