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Embattled former detective Clint Wolf is the newly appointed police chief for Mechant Loup, a small swampy town in southeast Louisiana. Usually a quiet town, the tranquility of the place is shattered when a human arm is found in the jowls of an alligator. Once it’s determined the arm belongs to a reputable business owner, the race is on to find the man and figure out what happened to him. Little does Clint know that solving the case could unearth a plot so evil it would go down as the worst event in Louisiana history . . . and he might not live to see it.

(A 2017 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist for Best Mystery!)



When a woman is found dead on her doorsteps—shot through the heart with an arrow—Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson go to work trying to track down the sadistic killer. On the very next day, a second victim is murdered in his driveway (killed in the same manner) and it’s now a race against time to uncover the motive behind the killings and identify the murderer. What they know so far is that he’s a skilled archer preying on human targets, and they have no clue where he’ll strike next.

As though the case itself isn’t complicated enough, the district attorney has launched a grand jury investigation into Susan’s actions during a shooting that saved Clint’s life. No one knows exactly why the DA is gunning for Susan, but one thing is crystal clear . . . it’s personal.



No one knows why the district attorney is gunning for Susan Wilson, but Clint Wolf is determined to find out—even if it’ll get him in trouble. While he works to clear Susan’s name, his crusade is sidelined when a bar manager is murdered during an apparent armed robbery. The method of operation is eerily similar to those used by the ruthless gang who killed his family, and Clint might soon have to face down the demons from his past to solve the mystery.

Will Clint walk that fine line between good and evil, or will he abandon his principles to settle an old score? Whatever choice he makes, one thing is certain . . . it’ll come at a hefty price.



After a year of working as a tour guide in the swamps of Louisiana–and the day after a man’s body is found in a canal–former Police Chief Clint Wolf realizes he can’t stay away from law enforcement work forever. Ditching his paddle for a pistol, he rejoins the Mechant Loup Police Department, but this time as their chief investigator, and he works beside Police Chief Susan Wilson as they seek to solve the mystery in the canal.

While it isn’t odd to find drowned bodies floating in the vast waterways of Louisiana from time to time, it is unusual to find a body with six bullet holes in its back. This first case back for Clint won’t be a walk in the park, but a blue truck and a single piece of paper might be the key to everything. The only problem? The truck has seemingly vanished into thin air and no one can find the piece of paper.



The only thing worse than being stabbed in the back is being shot in the back; and that’s exactly what happens to local bar owner Mitch Taylor. As Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson investigate, the list of suspects begins to grow and it includes the victim’s estranged wife. Just when it appears Clint is closing in on the killer, things takes a surprising turn and the entire complexion of the case is changed.

As though the twist in the case weren’t enough, Clint finds an old photograph that turns his personal life on its head and sets him on a dual quest for answers. Not only is he interrogating suspects, but he also interrogates his mother, and he begins to wonder what will be more difficult—discovering the secret to his past or solving Mitch Taylor’s murder. One thing is certain . . . no one will be the same after this is over.



The only thing Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson want to do is get married, but when a man is murdered in a most embarrassing way–shot to death while sitting on a porta potty–their wedding plans are placed in serious jeopardy. With only eight days to go until they say their vows, Clint and Susan go to work trying to find out who might want to kill the victim. There are a number of likely suspects and they all seem to have good reasons for wanting the man dead, but Clint and Susan must figure out who hated him the most.

As they work their way through the evidence in search of the truth, they are unknowingly headed for a deadly confrontation. Before it’s all over, bullets will start flying and people are going to die…and if they’re not careful, one of them might not make it to the altar.



The political race to determine the next mayor of Mechant Loup is heating up…literally. When one of the candidates is burned to death in a fiery blaze, Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson go straight from their honeymoon to investigating a brutal homicide. While there are a number of suspects, evidence and witnesses are lacking, and narrowing the list down becomes a challenge.

A late night attack on a Mechant Loup police officer leads to a curious discovery, but exactly how this discovery factors into the case is anybody’s guess. Clint will have to reach out to the local media for help…and it might turn out to be the best decision he’s made throughout the case. However, no one will be rejoicing when this investigation is over, and it’s unlikely anyone from the police department will ever be the same again.



It’s a warm September afternoon in the sleepy town of Mechant Loup, a tornado has just ripped through town, and Detective Clint Wolf is searching for a missing school teacher. Not only are details sketchy and witnesses nonexistent, but a formidable Category 4 hurricane is heading straight for the Louisiana coast–and it’s threatening to erase every scintilla of evidence that might lead to the missing woman.

Even as the outer rain bands of the hurricane begin battering Mechant Loup, Clint makes a grisly discovery in the dead of night and suddenly realizes he’s dealing with a cold-blooded killer–but that revelation leaves him with more questions than answers.

When the pieces of the investigative puzzle finally start falling into place, Clint will have to answer a question of his own–did he finally meet a suspect he couldn’t take down?



On the living room floor of a lonely farm house in Chateau Parish, Louisiana, there rests the body of a young woman named Allie—the victim of a horrific attack.

A little farther to the south, Detective Clint Wolf is leaving the Mechant Loup Police Department when he hears the screams of a terrified female. Jumping into action, he responds to the area and arrests the woman’s husband for attacking her with a pipe. Almost immediately after Clint wraps up the arrest and returns home, Police Chief Susan Wilson receives a welfare call from Allie’s mother saying she hadn’t heard from Allie in hours.

When Clint responds to the welfare concern with Mallory Tuttle, a detective from the Chateau Parish Sheriff’s Office, they discover Allie’s body. An investigation ensues and it isn’t long before they make an arrest for murder. However, when another woman is killed days later, they delve deeper into Allie’s case and unearth some disturbing similarities.

A tip from a young boy and a trip to the northern mountains of Georgia might shed some light on the motive, but locating the killer will be anything but easy—or safe.



Clint Wolf is in a race against time–leaving little time for sleep–as he tries to find a missing teenager.

Rose Murdock was supposed to board Bus 23 for school early one winter morning in Mechant Loup. However, when her mother returns home from work that evening and checks the answering machine, she realizes Rose never made it to school. While a frantic call to the police department finally sets things in motion, the sixteen-year-old student has already been missing for nearly twelve hours and Clint is acutely aware that the victim could be halfway across the country or even dead at that point.

Wasting no time, the Mechant Loup Police Department–with assistance from members of the community and deputies with the Chateau Parish Sheriff’s Office–launches a full-scale search for the girl while Clint begins gathering evidence and interviewing potential witnesses. It isn’t long before Clint begins developing potential suspects, but finding enough evidence to make an arrest is another matter.

As the hours turn into days and searchers find no trace of the student, Clint begins to wonder if he’ll ever find a bread crumb that will lead to Rose Murdock. Or–like Abigail–will this be yet another young girl he couldn’t save?



It’s Mardi Gras in Mechant Loup and a dog complaint pulls Clint Wolf away from the town’s yearly parade. Happy to be away from the bustling crowds, noise, and lights, he responds to the complaint and arrives just in time to stop a man from shooting a friendly German shepherd that posed no threat to anyone. After addressing the man heatedly, he attempts to return the dog to its home, but instead finds a seemingly empty house, an abandoned detective car, a set of keys on the ground, and a single drop of blood in the driveway.

It’s unclear if anyone is home, as nearly all of the townspeople are attending the parade and no one will answer his persistent knocking, but Clint is determined to find the source of the blood. Finally, his attention is drawn to the neighboring property, where he locates an off-duty officer bound and gagged and barely clinging to life.

As though things weren’t bad enough, Clint soon stumbles upon a ghastly murder scene that will shock even him to his core, and it will inject sheer terror into the hearts of the rest of the town’s citizens. The one person who might hold the key to the case is in a coma, leaving Clint to delve deep into the lives of the victims in hopes of finding the killer–or killers.

Clint’s biggest fear is not solving the case–it’s wondering what he might do once he comes face to face with the killer.



When four college students set out into the swamps in search of the elusive Louisiana black bear, they find more than they bargained for. Now, one of them is missing and the others are stranded without a boat in the alligator-invested wilderness.

When one of the concerned parents calls the Mechant Loup Police Department, Clint and Melvin begin searching for the overdue group. Their search takes them deep into the swamps and late into the night, and it isn’t long before Clint develops a foreboding feeling of déjà vu. This dreaded feeling only grows more intense as the investigation progresses, and Clint is left wondering if this incident is connected to a case he worked nearly two decades ago.

If Clint is not careful, he might find out…the hard way.



When a man is shot dead on Martha Kleen’s doorsteps, Clint Wolf’s first order of business is to identify the victim. This is no easy task, but once the man’s identity is confirmed, Clint is left with more questions than answers. He develops a few suspects early on and one of them is a ghost of a man. However, there are more than a few pieces of his crime puzzle missing, and tying one suspect to the murder could be a challenge.

Will the burglary of a local hardware store lead to the arrest of the guilty party, or will it muddy the waters of Clint’s investigation? Either way, Clint won’t stop until he gets his suspect.



A mysterious phone call in the middle of the night, a threatening note, and a brutal attack spell trouble for Clint Wolf and other members of the Mechant Loup Police Department.

Just when Clint thinks his night can’t get any worse, a bold kidnapping attempt sends him and his crew scrambling. When some of the officers confront the abductors, they are met with a hail of bullets. Unable to return fire for fear of hitting the victim, officers watch helplessly as the heavily armed and highly motivated suspects escape into the dark swamps of Louisiana with the victim in tow.

A desperate search begins for the victim, but the suspects are in a jet boat and are long gone by the time Officer Melvin Saltzman gets his boat in the water. As Melvin does his best to track the suspects across the murky bayous and swamps, Clint follows up on a promising lead that takes him to the small town of Anchors, Louisiana, where he makes a grisly discovery. However, what he finds is nothing compared to the troubling revelation that he might’ve been minutes away from rescuing the victim.

Clint eventually receives help from an unexpected source, but will it be enough to save the victim before it’s too late?



When a bank customer calls in a strange complaint, Detective Clint Wolf responds to find the place locked down and no one around. Once inside, he makes a grisly discovery that will set him on an investigative journey filled with unanswered questions, slippery suspects, and a lack of evidence.

Putting this case to bed will be no easy task. However, lucky for him, he has a team of dedicated officers willing to go the extra mile to get things done. The only question is this: Will they be there when he needs them most?



When Mechant Loup detective Clint Wolf stops a vehicle for reckless driving, he doesn’t find a drunk driver or an irresponsible teenager inside. Instead, he discovers a distraught father in a desperate search for his missing sons. Upon learning the boys were overdue from a fishing trip in the swamps, Clint summons the assistance of trusted friend and skilled mantracker, Melvin Saltzman.

During their search, Clint and Melvin locate one of the boys huddling near a pirogue in a private lake, but the other brother is nowhere to be found. Melvin begins tracking the teenager through the woods and soon locates a bloody shovel under a windthrown tree. Further on, he locates what appears to be a freshly dug grave–and things begin to go south from there.

What they find when they unearth the grave sets Clint on a 1,800-mile journey to solve a murder case that wasn’t meant to be solved. Whether or not he succeeds–or survives–will depend on a number of things, not the least of which might be a fortuitous event.


BUT NOT FOR FEAR_ebook-update

Something evil is lurking beneath the waters of Mechant Loup, and it’s up to Clint Wolf to figure out what it is.

In broad daylight on a calm, sunny day in August, a young college student suddenly disappears in Le Diable Lake and never resurfaces. Despite a desperate search by her boyfriend, she is not found.

While en route to the scene of the disappearance, Clint Wolf and Officer Melvin Saltzman make a grim discovery that is seemingly unrelated to the initial report. However, as the community comes together to search for the missing girl, it becomes increasingly evident that something evil is operating beneath the dark waters–and no one is safe from its clutches.



The only thing Detective Clint Wolf wants to do is spend a quiet Sunday with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately for him, fate has other plans.

When a weekend getaway for a father and daughter turn deadly, Clint is forced to cancel his own family plans and launch an investigation into the brutal murder. Although more than sixty rifle rounds were fired in the senseless killing, there were no witnesses and no video surveillance, because the act occurred in the primitive camping area of the Waxtuygi Wildlife Nature Park. With little evidence and no suspects, Clint finds himself flying in fog with zero visibility.

As the investigation unfolds and the body count begins to rise, the question of motive continues to elude Clint. However, one thing becomes crystal clear: the closer he gets to an answer, the more his life expectancy decreases.


In Mechant Loup, Louisiana, a woman is dead and her son is missing. Clint Wolf’s first order of business is to figure out if the death was an accident or a homicide, but evidence is lacking and a motive is non-existent. A fingerprint recovered from the scene could provide some answers, but finding the matching individual proves to be a challenge.

When the missing son is finally found, Clint is left with more questions than answers. Will he put the pieces of this investigative puzzle together, or will the case remain unsolved?

Only time will tell.


When a lazy day in the swamps of Mechant Loup turns deadly, Clint Wolf suddenly finds himself separated from his dogs and on the run from an unknown assassin who’s bound and determined to murder him. Accustomed to always being the hunter, this reversal of roles will prove challenging for Clint, and it could be too much for the lawman to overcome.

A separate death investigation is unfolding in the northern part of Chateau Parish. While this case might be related to the hunt for Clint Wolf, there’s no way for anyone to know, and by the time it’s revealed, it could already be too late for Clint.

Will this spell the end for Clint Wolf? No one knows.


A dead lawyer, a robbery, a woman attacked…Detective Clint Wolf has his hands full in Mechant Loup, Louisiana.

A prominent lawyer is found face-down on the desk in his law office, and Detectives Clint Wolf and Amy Cooke respond to investigate. They begin following the evidence, and that evidence seems to suggest the man took his own life. However, something seems odd about the case, and it’s not what they find at the scene that’s puzzling, but what they don’t find.

When a woman is mysteriously beaten and robbed in Central Chateau, the case is turned over to the state police. Clint doesn’t know why that happened, but when a sworn statement blows up his entire case, things go from confusing to about as bad as they can get.

The outcome of the case, as well as Clint’s future, will rest in the hands of the woman he loves, but does Susan Wolf have what it takes to turn things around? If she doesn’t, the consequences could be fatal.


During his many years of working in law enforcement, Clint Wolf has investigated more than his share of bizarre cases. However, he has never worked a case where a dead man has come back to life…until now.

While trying to help Clint figure out how something like this could happen, Amy Cooke stumbles upon an old newspaper article that details an unsolved case from nineteen years earlier. The details are sketchy, but it seems that a woman went missing after an argument with her husband. The husband’s story is fishy and the woman’s family suspects foul play, but there are no reports or evidence from back then to assist with the investigation, so Amy’s left trying to recreate the file from scratch.

There’s a chance that neither case will be solved, but one thing can be counted on: Clint and Amy will die trying.


Slashed tires. A stolen truck. Three dead bodies…and many more injured.

It’s up to Detective Clint Wolf and his team to decide if this was an act of terror or a targeted attack.

With so many injured and a crime scene that drags through the streets of Mechant Loup, Clint will need all hands on deck to solve this crime. That is, if they’re able to. Sometimes, the good guys don’t always win.

Will this be one of those days?


On a Monday afternoon in July, three Mechant Loup boys leave baseball practice on their bicycles…and vanish.

The plan had been for Cory, Ruben, and Allen to camp in the woods east of town after baseball practice, but when they don’t return home the next morning, their parents call the police and report them missing. The worst part? A monster hurricane is rumbling toward the coast of Louisiana, and if the boys are caught out in the swamps during such a storm, they’ll surely perish.

In a desperate race against time, Clint Wolf and Amy Cooke, along with the rest of the police department, begin a multi-pronged search for the boys. A kidnapping pulls Clint and Amy away from the search, but when good and evil come together in an old camp house during the height of the storm, they seem on the cusp of getting some answers. However, will they survive the killer in front of them and the storm raging above them in order to do anything with that information?


Andy Verdin survived the many perils of World War II, but will the ninety-six-year-old survive the muddy waters of Mechant Loup, Louisiana?

An overdue fisherman, a mysterious object dropping from the sky, a bizarre murder case, and a wife about to go into labor…Clint Wolf has his hands full.

It doesn’t help that his sidekick detective, Amy Cooke, is 1,500 miles away on a honeymoon with her new husband, Baylor Rice. Thankfully, Takecia Gayle is on hand to assist Clint with the investigation, but they soon realize they’ll need some outside assistance to put this case to bed.

However, will that assistance come in time to save two officers in trouble? That remains to be seen.

Magnolia Parish Series



It’s November in southeast Louisiana and the only thing Detective Brandon Berger wants is to keep his anniversary promise to his wife. Then a mysterious death derails his plans. As he and his partner, Dawn Luke, investigate the case, the evidence trail leads them to the Magnolia Faith Church and its pastor, Father Isaac Stewart. But they are unable to prove anything because of the tight-lipped parishioners, and the case turns cold.

Farther north, William Chandler takes his wife, Claire, and their infant daughter, Gracie, on a camping trip to the Skybald National Forest. The last time he was there, twenty-two years earlier, he watched his father die in a violent accident. He’s returning to quietly sort through some personal demons, but when they arrive and find a peculiar stranger talking to his pit bull about blowing things up, he questions the logic behind returning to the scene of his youthful tragedy. Then William finds himself arrested for murder. He swears he’s innocent, but the evidence against him is so damning, even Claire thinks he’s guilty. The Magnolia Faith Church might be the key to helping William prove his innocence, but making the 251- mile connection could be deadly…



Getting beaten to death is bad enough—but to be left naked and dead on the side of the road? That’s just cruel. Detective Brandon Berger is called to investigate the case, but it doesn’t look good. Evidence is lacking and the victim’s identity is unknown. Factor in a house fire and a missing baby, and things just got a whole lot worse. A dark secret could tie everything together, but the truth can sometimes be deadly…and Brandon could end up like his victim.

(NOTE: The Magnolia Parish Mystery Series picks up four years later in a spin-off series titled the London Carter Series.)

London Carter Series



Could a deep and dark secret be behind the sniper-style killing of a sheriff’s office captain, or is it simply the work of a madman with a rifle? Whatever the case, the killer is taunting the cops with a mysterious message, and Police Sniper London Carter is determined to decipher the message and capture the murderer. Will London solve the mystery in time, or will more officers die before he can bring the killer to justice?

A tense and exciting read with a surprise ending that most never see coming.

(The 2016 EPIC eBook Awards Winner for Best Mystery!)



When the sniper-style murder of an alligator poacher puts two rival families on edge, Police Sniper London Carter and Detective Sergeant Dawn Luke join forces to solve the case. But they’ll have their work cut out for them as the two families recruit small armies to fight each other.

It doesn’t take London long to realize they’re dealing with a professional killer, but the motive for the murder is far from clear. Will he and Dawn solve the case before it’s too late, or will the swamps of Louisiana run red with the blood of the rival families and the cops who are trying to stop them?



Days after Police Sniper London Carter resolves a hostage situation at a local business, Detective Sergeant Dawn Luke calls upon him to assist her with a mysterious death investigation. They end up facing numerous roadblocks in their quest for the truth, including an unidentified body, uncooperative witnesses, and a killer tornado.

As they push forward in the case, they start to realize there might be a bit of a romance brewing between them, but the case is growing complicated and dangerous, and if they’re not careful, one of them could end up on the morgue slab.


Bullet Drop Cover

While Dawn Luke travels to her hometown of Arkansas to tend to her sick mother, London Carter is called upon to investigate the murder of a young teenager whose body is found stuffed under the exit ramp of an overpass. It was apparent to London that the murderer wanted to make sure the kid was dead, but the motive for the killing was far from obvious.

Summoning the assistance of Detective Rachael Bowler, the two are finally able to locate the actual crime scene and that leads them to the identity of their young victim. But instead of providing answers, the identification leads to more questions. Could a secret involving the young man lead them to the killer, or will it only muddy the waters and interfere with their investigation?

Whatever the case, this is one killer no one should take for granted–not even a cop as skilled and gritty as London Carter.


Elevation Cover

Vice President Courtney Browning is adored by the majority of all Americans and is heiress apparent to the White House, but someone wants her dead. When she holds a rally in Magnolia Parish early one morning in May, London Carter and his snipers team up with the Secret Service to assist them in providing over-watch protection for the event.

What begins as a routine rally turns into a bloodbath that leaves three people dead and a dozen others wounded. However, thanks to London’s quick thinking and decisive action, the body count is much lower than it could have been.

As London tries to avoid the ensuing publicity surrounding the national event and get back to his normal duties, he’s called upon to investigate a strange break-in at a residence in Seasville. There aren’t many clues to decipher, but as he digs deeper into the case, it begins to appear someone might be after the woman he loves.

Can he find and stop the forces that are moving against Dawn Luke, or will he end up with another hole in his heart that’s too big to fill?



In the final book in this series, London Carter has planned the perfect surprise vacation for Dawn Luke. They’re heading to the Smoky Mountains National Park, where he’ll drop down to one knee in front of Abrams Falls and propose to her. However, when a grisly discovery is made in a small community within Magnolia Parish, they’re forced to return home to investigate.

They soon learn that the victim, Kathleen Bertrand, has been killed in the most heinous manner imaginable, and they delve into her past looking for anything that might help explain what happened. They locate some skeletons in her closet and, while one of them might be motive enough for murder, the brutal nature of the crime doesn’t seem to fit.

As Dawn and London drive to the Gulf Coast town of Dark Sands, Mississippi to follow-up on a piece of evidence they discovered in Kathleen’s car, Deputy Abraham Wilson is called to investigate the disappearance of another Plymouth East woman. Fearing the cases are connected and the second victim might suffer the same fate as the first, they work nearly nonstop to bring the killer to justice.

No one knows if they’ll locate the victim in time to save her, but it’s clear London won’t be dropping down to one knee anytime soon–unless it’s to take a shot.

Stand-Alone Mountain Mystery



THE SEVENTH TAKING is the chilling tale of a young man’s journey through harsh mountain
country in his search for the girl he loves, and the two friends who dare to brave the dangerous elements—both human and natural—to support a friend.

When Joy Vincent disappears in the Blue Summit Mountains of Tennessee while vacationing with her family, park rangers begin an intensive search for the Louisiana high school junior. Seven weeks later, the search is abandoned and authorities conclude that Joy voluntarily ran away because of a fight with her father.

Unwilling to believe it, Abraham Wilson makes the long drive to the mountains and sets off on a journey that will change his life–and the lives of his friends, Brett Lester and Charlie Rickman–forever. Will they discover the secret behind Joy’s disappearance, or will they meet with the same fate?