Monthly Archives: September 2016


But-Not-ForsakenThanks to Christine Savoie of Bayou Cover Designs for knocking this one out of the park!!! I love all of the covers she’s done for me, but this one is my favorite. I gave her info on a few scenes from the book and–as though she were inside my head–this is what she came up with. I couldn’t be more pleased with her work.

Now an update for those of you patiently (or impatiently, as in the case of my wife) waiting for the next Clint Wolf book to come out:

I’m about 70% of the way into it and I’m hoping to be finished by the end of September / beginning of October. I sincerely apologize for the delay, but I write in my spare time and I’ve had less spare time lately (and that will continue to be a reality over the next couple of months). I might have to push the projected completion time frame back a little, but I’m hoping not. If so, I’ll make another status post when it gets closer to that time.

Thanks to all of you who follow me and who support my writing. I’d be nothing without you!