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At long last, BUT NOT FOR NAUGHT (Book 5 in the Clint Wolf Series) is now available at Amazon. I would’ve gotten it out earlier, but we’re in the middle of a DA election at my day job and I’m busy doing everything I can to help my boss get elected. The election is March 24th, so things should get back to normal for me soon afterward, and I’ll be able to start on the next Clint Wolf book, which is titled BUT NOT FORBIDDEN. I’m hoping to publish that one in May/June 2018, right before I head off to the Smoky Mountains for the Fourth of July.

In any event, here’s the description of BUT NOT FOR NAUGHT, along with the cover and link to it:

BUT-NOT-FOR-NAUGHT_ebookThe only thing worse than being stabbed in the back is being shot in the back; and that’s exactly what happens to local bar owner Mitch Taylor. As Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson investigate, the list of suspects begins to grow and it includes the victim’s estranged wife. Just when it appears Clint is closing in on the killer, things takes a surprising turn and the entire complexion of the case is changed.

As though the twist in the case weren’t enough, Clint finds an old photograph that turns his personal life on its head and sets him on a dual quest for answers. Not only is he interrogating suspects, but he also interrogates his mother, and he begins to wonder what will be more difficult—discovering the secret to his past or solving Mitch Taylor’s murder. One thing is certain…no one will be the same after this is over.

Thank you very much to all who have waited patiently (and even those who have waited impatiently :-)) for this release.

Best to all!


ELEVATION (Book 5: London Carter Mysteries) out now!

ELEVATION, Book 5 of the London Carter Mystery Series, is out now.

I finished the first draft of ELEVATION while in the Smoky Mountains last week, and then immediately began editing it. While I did work on vacation, I made sure to have lots of fun, too. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to start the next book in the London Carter series, which is titled BLOOD RISE. I’ll take a few days off to plot the story first, and then I’ll dive in and hopefully have it finished before Christmas.

Any who, here’s the description and link to the book:

Vice President Courtney Browning is adored by the majority of all Americans and is heiress apparent to the White House, but someone wants her dead. When she holds a rally in Magnolia Parish early one morning in May, London Carter and his snipers team up with the Secret Service to assist them in providing over-watch protection for the event.

What begins as a routine rally turns into a bloodbath that leaves three people dead and a dozen others wounded. However, thanks to London’s quick thinking and decisive action, the body count is much lower than it could have been.

As London tries to avoid the ensuing publicity surrounding the national event and get back to his normal duties, he’s called upon to investigate a strange break-in at a residence in Seasville. There aren’t many clues to decipher, but as he digs deeper into the case it begins to appear someone might be after the woman he loves.

Can he find and stop the forces that are moving against Dawn Luke, or will he end up with another hole in his heart that’s too big to fill?

Elevation Cover

If any of you are curious about what I did on vacation, I can sum it up with one word: bears. We always see between 14 and 22 bears when we visit the Smoky Mountains, but this year we saw 36.

We stayed at the Le Rendezvous cabin, which I booked through Mountain Laurel Chalets, and bears visited the cabin every day–usually several times per day. We spent a lot of time on the Roaring Forks Motor Trail, where we saw many bears, lots of salamanders, eight copperheads, and two northern water snakes, and we did a lot of hiking. We also spent some time up at Ober Gatlinburg and ate some great food around town.

Anyone who knows me knows the Smoky Mountains National Park is my favorite place on earth, and this year was just as fun as ever. I’ll post a few pictures from this past vacation for those who like that sort of thing.

And, as always, I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to all of you who read my books.



Copperhead copy


PROVING GROUNDS: A London Carter Mystery (Book 2)

At long last, PROVING GROUNDS: A London Carter Mystery (Book 2) is now available!

London Carter will join forces with Dawn Luke, whom you might remember from the Magnolia Parish Mystery series, to investigate the sniper-style murder of an alligator poacher. While investigators are unsure of the killer’s motive, members of the victim’s family believe a rival clan is responsible for the murder, and the two sides prepare for battle. Will London and Dawn find the murderous sniper and stop the war, or will the swamps of Louisiana run red with the blood of dozens of innocent people?

Click on book cover to purchase your copy from Amazon or to read free on Kindle Unlimited:


For those interested in my future plans, I will get right to work on the next London Carter book, with an eye toward writing two or three more in that series. Afterward, I’d like to either write the third book in the Magnolia Parish series or write a spin-off of the Clint Wolf series. I’d also like to write a sequel to THE SEVENTH TAKING someday, because I love me some mountains!

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my books. I am flattered and honored beyond belief that so many of you continue to follow my work. As I often say, writers are nothing without readers, and I’d be nothing without all of you.

My best to all!


Coming Soon: A New London Carter Mystery

Thanks to working late into the evenings every day for eight LONG weeks at my day job a couple of months ago, I’m running behind on releasing my current work in progress. However, at long last, I’m nearing the final weeks of writing PROVING GROUNDS, which is Book Two of the London Carter mystery series, and I expect it to be released mid-February. To those of you who have waited patiently–and even those who have waited not-so-patiently–I am truly sorry for the delay, but thankful for your interest in my work. I hope you will find that it was worth the wait.

While I’m here providing an update, I’d love to share with you the cover to PROVING GROUNDS, which was created by Christine Savoie of Bayou Cover Designs:


In PROVING GROUNDS, London Carter will join forces with Dawn Luke, whom you might remember from the Magnolia Parish series, to investigate the sniper-style murder of an alligator poacher. While investigators are unsure of the killer’s motive, members of the victim’s family believe a rival clan is responsible for the murder, and the two sides prepare for battle. Will London and Dawn find the murderous sniper and stop the war, or will the swamps of Louisiana run red with the blood of dozens of innocent people?

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. Because of y’all, I’ve just reached a milestone in my young writing career: over 10,000 eBooks sold since March 31, 2016. I would have a drink to celebrate, but it’s past midnight and I have work in the morning. Thus, I’ll just have one last handful of Sno-Caps and call it a night.

Thanks again!



But-Not-ForsakenThanks to Christine Savoie of Bayou Cover Designs for knocking this one out of the park!!! I love all of the covers she’s done for me, but this one is my favorite. I gave her info on a few scenes from the book and–as though she were inside my head–this is what she came up with. I couldn’t be more pleased with her work.

Now an update for those of you patiently (or impatiently, as in the case of my wife) waiting for the next Clint Wolf book to come out:

I’m about 70% of the way into it and I’m hoping to be finished by the end of September / beginning of October. I sincerely apologize for the delay, but I write in my spare time and I’ve had less spare time lately (and that will continue to be a reality over the next couple of months). I might have to push the projected completion time frame back a little, but I’m hoping not. If so, I’ll make another status post when it gets closer to that time.

Thanks to all of you who follow me and who support my writing. I’d be nothing without you!


BUT NOT FORGIVEN: A Clint Wolf Novel (Book 2) is out now!

I’m stoked to announce the release of my latest novel, BUT NOT FORGIVEN. This is Book 2 of my Clint Wolf Mystery Trilogy and it picks up where Book 1 left off, but with a new case and more challenges for the Mechant Loup Police Department.

When a woman is found dead on her doorsteps–shot through the heart with an arrow–Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson go to work trying to track down the sadistic killer. On the very next day, a second victim is murdered in his driveway–killed in the same manner–and it’s now a race against time to uncover the motive behind the killings and identify the murderer. What they know so far is that he’s a skilled archer preying on human targets, and they have no clue where he’ll strike next.

As though the case itself isn’t complicated enough, the district attorney has launched a grand jury investigation into Susan’s actions during a shooting that saved Clint’s life. No one knows exactly why the DA is gunning for Susan, but one thing is crystal clear…it’s personal.

eBook available on Amazon for $3.99, Kindle Unlimited members read for FREE.


Free Mystery/Suspense for Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, my mystery/suspense novel THE SEVENTH TAKING will be free in e-book format all week beginning Monday, May 2 and ending Friday, May 6, 2016.

It’s the story of Joy Vincent, a young girl from Louisiana who disappears in the Blue Summit Mountains while hiking with her family, and Abraham Wilson, the boyfriend who never gave up on her. Harassed by black bears and a mysterious being, Abraham and two of his friends brave the elements and the harsh back country as they search for Joy. What they do find in the mountains could blow the lid off a horrifying secret that has lain dormant in the mountains for years–that is, if they can make it out alive.

Seventh Taking eBook Cover

New mystery novel out NOW!

ButNotForgotten_largeMy third novel, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, has just been released in e-book format through Amber Quill Press. It’s on sale right out the gate and only costs $4.55. It’ll be available in print and on Amazon in mid-December, but it’s only available through the publisher at the moment.
In BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, which is the first in a planned mystery series, Clint Wolf’s life has been dealt a heavy blow, thanks to the anti-cop sentiment and policies of Governor Lester Katz. Alone and utterly lost, Clint trades his detective shield for a framing hammer and puts homicide investigations as far in his rearview mirror as he can—that is, until he’s asked to serve as police chief for a quiet little town deep in the swamps of southeast Louisiana.
While the job seems uneventful, the tranquility of the sleepy town is shattered when the severed arm of a missing businessman is found in the jowls of an alligator. Drawing upon his experience and training, Clint sets out to investigate the case with the assistance of Sergeant Susan Wilson, a no-nonsense cop who moonlights as a cage fighter. When they finally locate the body of the businessman, they discover he’s been murdered—shot pointblank in the forehead—and things begin to get even uglier from there.
As the investigation ensues, Clint battles secret demons from his past while trying to get to know a local reporter named Chloe on a personal level. Chloe proves to be an asset to the case when she shares information from a confidential informant who says the murder was part of a larger plot.
Will Clint and Susan unveil and foil the larger plot before it’s too late, or will the citizens of Louisiana awaken to a horror worse than any in their state’s history?


Here’s a short teaser from my upcoming novel, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN:

I continued down the street, and Susan pointed ahead to a small trailer on the right.

“That should be it,” she said.

I pulled to the side of the road in front of the trailer and parked parallel to it. After throwing the gearshift in park, I stepped out and walked around the front of the Tahoe and met Susan near a small ditch. We paused to scan the area. An older model Caprice sat in the muddy driveway. The yard was clean, with the exception of an old dog kennel that lay on its side. “I need one of those for—”

A gunshot suddenly erupted from the area of the trailer and the taillight on my passenger’s side exploded into tiny shards.

“Holy shit!” Susan dropped to her face beside the Tahoe and scrambled on all fours around the back of the SUV until she reached the other side and it was between her and the trailer.

Another shot rang out and the headlight on the passenger’s side blew out.


BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, the first in my Clint Wolf Mystery Series, will be available in e-book form through the publisher, Amber Quill Press, on December 6, 2015, and the print version will be out soon after. Please help me spread the word.

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