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Amber Quill Press has reprinted my short story, MUDDY WATERS, as a free download. MUDDY WATERS is the one that started it all for me. Back on May 23rd of 2003, Earl Staggs, Senior Fiction Editor for FUTURES Mysterious Anthology Magazine, notified me that MUDDY WATERS had been accepted for publication. The story was edited by FMAM Founder and Publisher Babs Lakey and appeared in the Summer 2004 issue–it was even featured on the cover. That one acceptance lit a fire under me that has only burned brighter over the years. Since then, I’ve had over 180 short stories and articles and three novels accepted for publication, with more to come.


When the decomposing body of a woman is found floating in the muddy waters of Bayou Lafourche, Detectives Brandon Wolfe and Rick Patterson suspect accidental death or suicide…until the autopsy reveals the victim drowned in clear water.

Now they must find out who wanted Cynthia Coleman dead, and why…

For those interested in downloading and reading MUDDY WATERS, just click on the image below, which was produced by Amber Quill Press.

Muddy Waters Promo

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